Teta Engineers Group

TETA Co. started its professional activities in air conditioning systems and related areas since 2001.

During this time we managed to do business and establish ourselves as sales and after sales services representative of various international firms and companies such as YORK (United States), HITACHI (Japan) for chillers and also import VRF specialized systems from various international and reputable brands such as Midea, Chigo and Tica. By doing so we managed to bring ease and comfort to many home and workplace.

By absorption of great funds, we set up manufacturing line of compression chillers, mini chillers, rooftop packages, fan coil units and also industrial Air Handler units from the brand of Royalcool that can compete against the best international reputable brands in terms of quality.

TETA engineering group has been working with various governmental and private clients for example large constructional firms, Municipalities, Banks, Hospitals, Housing cooperatives and etc. TETA Co. managed to get high satisfaction rate among its clients.

Now by putting together great engineers and experts in the field of purchase, installation and after sales services, we are able to meet your heating and cooling needs in your residential or work area by the best possible way.

We can assist you and recommend you the best and cost-effective choice based on your budget and climatic conditions and after your confirmation we will do every step of the installation and initiation of your heating and cooling system with the best possible quality

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.